What’s it about?

So great is the fear of public speaking or presenting that it has its own name… Glossophobia! Yup, it ranks up there with heights, spiders and deep water! Yet lots of us will be asked to give a presentation to colleagues, customers or suppliers as part of our jobs, so it’s no huge surprise that many of us choose to avoid them. But we can help. Many people who’ve attended this workshop tell us that they feel better equipped and hugely more confident when it comes to giving presentations to others.

What do we cover?

  • how to design and structure your presentation
  • ways to engage your audience
  • using visual aids to enrich your presentation
  • how to build ‘personal presence’
  • managing nerves and anxiety

How do we do it?

Essentially this is ‘learning by doing’ – some really useful input from one of our highly experienced facilitators and then actually having a go yourself! The two-day workshop is relaxed, yet highly interactive and means you get to practice presenting and seeing others present to a live audience. To maximise time, participants are asked to prepare a short presentation which they will give on the first day.

Who’s it for?

Essentially anyone whose role requires them to give presentations, give briefings or just talk to groups of people and who wants to improve their skills and confidence as a presenter.

Invest in yourself today