What’s it about?

Being able to communicate effectively – expressing thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions appropriately to those around you – is surely the most important of all life skills. In fact, in the work environment some would say it’s absolutely key to personal and business success. This course will give you the skills to help you communicate better in a variety of work situations.

What do we cover?

  • different communication methods – when, where and how to use them
  • barriers and obstacles to getting your message across
  • questioning and listening skills
  • personality styles and how they affect communication
  • making requests assertively
  • non-verbal communication and influence

How do we do it?

An informal day which includes loads of input, discussion, learning activities and role plays to enable you to try out new tips and techniques to communicate and influence more effectively.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who has to influence others to achieve their objectives and would like to improve their confidence and range of skills when working with colleagues.

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