This is a half-day workshop for leaders and managers which starts to identify the symptoms and causes of workplace stress in their colleagues. The identification of stress might be a fairly straightforward process but what to do next can be a lot more challenging. This workshop looks at the manager’s role in dealing with staff who are stressed and identifying appropriate support mechanisms to help them. The workshop provides leaders and managers with clear guidance on what to do in these situations so that they can be supportive and compliant in their duties as a caring employer.

What we cover:

  • Understanding the business case for workplace wellbeing
  • Recognising the signs of stress and mental health in the workplace
  • Offering appropriate support to team members
  • Effectively managing absenteeism due to mental health issues
  • Undertaking a positive return-to-work interview
  • Providing ongoing support to enable your team member to return to peak performance


• The business case for mental wellbeing at work
• Recognising the signs and symptoms
• The different types and levels of support available
• Your role and responsibilities as a manager
• Managing absenteeism and return to work
• An introduction to psychological wellbeing


These courses can be run internally at a client’s premises or see below for open courses that we are running at the office.

Until the situation surrounding  Covid 19 changes, this will be run as an ONLINE COURSE.

This is an interactive session which involves the use of discussion groups, case
studies and activities to support your understanding and learning.

Duration half day (3.5 hours)

Cost £150 per person

Why not attend our full day version of this course which combines the above essentials with material from our ‘Creating a Resilient Team’ workshop?  This session then provides the tools you need to promote wellbeing best practice and encourage a psychologically health work team.

Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Dates TBC

Looking forward to supporting NASC members with funded training for Mental Health First Aid.