To enable employees to increase their awareness and understanding of a range of mental health conditions and how these affect people at work and to share ideas to help manage stress at work

What we cover:

  • Understanding a range of different mental health conditions
  • Recognising the signs of stress in the workplace
  • Discussing issues with your colleagues and manager and know how to access help and support
  • Developing your own coping strategies and increase your personal resilience


• Defining mental health
• Recognising the signs and symptoms of stress at work
• The different types and levels of support available
• Your role and responsibilities as an employee
• Promoting psychological wellbeing and coping strategies
• Learning Review and Action Planning


This is an interactive session which involves the use of discussion groups, case studies and activities to support your understanding and learning.  It can be delivered face to face, or remotely using Zoom software.

Until the situation surrounding  Covid 19 changes, this will be run as an ONLINE COURSE.

Duration 90 minutes

(Corporate discounts are available, and Staffordshire businesses may be eligible for funding through the Skills Hub www.staffsskillshub.co.uk)



Mental Health Awareness for Employees

Dates TBC

Looking forward to supporting NASC members with funded training for Mental Health First Aid.