Those who have attended the Developing Personal Resilience workshop have the option of attending further half-day training modules or video modules that each focus on the different aspects of building resilience, reducing stress and boosting productivity.

There’s no requirement to complete a given number of modules – you can select as many or as few as you feel you need. More specific information on what’s covered and how you’ll benefit from completing a module is detailed below.


Fit For Purpose: The Essential Business Training Programme


Fit For Purpose: The Modules


How to get the best from your greatest asset – yourself!

What is Self-Awareness about?

When you know yourself better, you’re better equipped to know and deal with others, adapt to different situations and play to your natural strengths. In Self-Awareness, we’ll help increase your awareness of your own personality traits, thinking style and motivation patterns as well as your ability to deal with tension and stress.

What can you expect?

Self-Awareness is an informal workshop, and you’ll be able to explore aspects of your personal ‘style’ and the challenges and opportunities it gives you.

What will you take away from the workshop?

You will learn…

  • the factors that affect your behaviour, habit patterns and choices, specifically ‘what makes you tick’ – and how to play to your natural strengths
  • the situations that may cause you tension and stress, and how to manage them for best results
  • the importance of Emotional Intelligence in managing yourself and how you respond to events around you
  • what motivates you and how to motivate yourself
  • how to seek and receive feedback positively for self-management
  • how to recognise and adapt any faulty thinking processes which may affect your ability to be resilient


“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”

Mahatma Gandhi

What is Determination about?

When you’re operating from your core values you’re more likely to be determined to see things through, even when the going get tough. And when you base your thoughts and actions on personal values and drivers you’re more likely to be able to face everyday challenges resiliently. The Determination workshop will help you clarify both your personal values and your personal drivers, and identify how you can use them successfully to help you achieve your goals.

What can you expect?

You’ll explore your core drivers and values and how they affect the decisions you make in your life. It’s an opportunity to dive into what makes you determined, explore strategies for increasing determination and discover how to stay motivated using a range of different tools and techniques.

What will you take away from the workshop?

You will get:

  • an appreciation of the importance of determination in personal resilience
  • clarity about your own personal values, drivers and motivations
  • strategies for keeping your levels of determination strong, even in challenging circumstances
  • time to create your own determination action plan


“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do”


What is Vision about?

People who know what they want from life and who set personal goals and objectives are better able to look forward to the future and avoid being pulled off track by threats or distractions which may come their way. In Vision, we’ll help you identify your own goals for the short and long term and help you devise strategies for achieving them.

What can you expect?

You’ll have an opportunity to reflect on what you really want to achieve, both short and medium term, as well as long-term life and career goals. You’ll be able to think about your goals in ways that make them motivational and compelling, formulate them to make them more achievable and rewarding, and set a direction for your longer-term future.

What will you take away from the workshop?

You will get:

  • a better understanding of your personal goals that make them clear, motivational and compelling
  • clarity about your personal values and how they drive what you want to achieve in life
  • an insight into your purpose and vision for life and career
  • an appreciation of how your personal vision informs your everyday choices and decisions


“It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos”

Donna Karan

What is Calm about?

This workshop is all about creating calm for yourself. When you’re calm and composed you can keep anxiety at bay and be more confident and resilient in challenging situations.

What can you expect?

In Calm, we’ll be exploring the links between calm, confidence and self-esteem, with the focus on how you can create mental and emotional calm more easily, particularly in times of stress or tension. We’ll show you how to become more composed in life and control anxiety – or at least the expectation of anxiety – so that you can be more confident and resilient in challenging situations. We’ll explain the impact your mind has on your resilience levels and give you tools and techniques to create calm and control in your life. You’ll get to try out techniques for relaxation, clearing mental clutter, dealing with anxiety and improving your sleep. Be aware, this is a very relaxing workshop!

What will you take away from the workshop?

You will learn:

  • an understanding of how your thinking affects your levels of confidence and self-esteem, and an appreciation of how to improve them
  • techniques for clearing the mind and improving sleep patterns
  • practical ways to deal with anxiety
  • tips for dealing with negative ‘self-talk’
  • tools and techniques which you can apply to relax and create an inner calm


“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”

William Penn

What is Time about?

You’ll probably have come across a few time management tips and techniques already – you may already use some yourself. So why does it often seem so difficult to juggle priorities and get things done? In Time, we’ll be looking at tools and techniques to help manage and improve your personal organisation so that you can focus on your priorities whilst managing multiple demands and avoiding distractions.

What can you expect?

Time is a highly practical session, giving you loads of tips and techniques to help you use your time more effectively. You’ll see how and where you’re currently spending your time, take a look at what you want to achieve and what’s getting in the way, and explore ways to set yourself up for successful achievement of your goals. We’ll help you prioritise by distinguishing between what’s important and what’s urgent, and we’ll also give you some insight into internal and external barriers that might be getting in your way and how you can overcome them.

What will you take away from the workshop?

You will get:

  • clarity around what you’re aiming to achieve – your work and life goals
  • planning tools to help you achieve your goals
  • hints and tips for prioritising and managing your day-to-day activities
  • an appreciation of internal and external obstacles to achievement, and ways to deal with them
  • ideas for setting yourself up for success mentally, physically and emotionally


“Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe”

Michio Kaku

What is Mind about?

People who don’t shy away from problems and who have the mental toughness to tackle them head on are being resilient. So when did you last challenge your thinking process? Mind will help you get more from your brain. We’ll give you a range of tools and techniques that will boost your decision-making and problem-solving processes, and enable you to look at opportunities in much more creative ways.

What can you expect?

Mind is a highly practical workshop where you’ll get the chance to try out tools and techniques for decision-making and problem-solving. Not only that, you’ll get to practice techniques for using your brain differently to generate ideas which are practical and more creative. This is a truly mind-expanding workshop!

What will you take away from the workshop?

You will get:

  • an appreciation of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ thinking styles and how they relate to getting the best from your brain
  • tricks and techniques for using your brain more effectively
  • tools for scoping problems and issues
  • tools for generating ideas, options and solutions
  • decision-making techniques for both your logical brain and your creative brain


“Interaction: A mutual or reciprocal action or influence”.

What is Interaction about?

Interaction is all about how we behave towards others and how we control and respond to the reactions of others. This module focuses on the key skills of working with people on a day-to-day basis, forming new relationships and generally being a great communicator.

What can you expect?

This is an interactive workshop (of course!) and we’ll be looking at how to improve the quality of our interactions and the impact we have on those around us. We’ll explore how to build rapport through paying attention, how to demonstrate trustworthiness and how being mindful and appreciative of individual difference can help us to interact more freely and easily.

What will you take away from the workshop?

You will get:

  • an appreciation of the impact you have on those around you
  • an understanding of how to build rapport quickly and honestly
  • the benefits of being attentive and appreciating differences in others
  • ways to demonstrate your trustworthiness to others
  • ideas for demonstrating your gratitude in order to interact positively and in a helpful way for others


“The best results come when you reduce emotion and increase communication”


What is Relationships about?

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there; our relationships with our colleagues can make or break what we do and what we achieve at work, and so it’s no real surprise that poor working relationships are amongst the top three causes of workplace stress. In Relationships, we look at how to build great working relationships with colleagues around you through effective influencing, assertion and relationship maintenance.

What can you expect?

We’ll be exploring what it is that creates positive working relationships – relationships built on trust and collaboration. We’ll look at your current relationships and identify what makes some relationships stronger than others and where you may need to apply some new skills and techniques to develop less productive relationships .

What will you take away from the workshop?

You will get:

  • an opportunity to map out and assess your relationships with your key stakeholders
  • some skills to enable you to influence others more effectively
  • some tools to support you when you have difficult conversations and need to be assertive and to manage your state
  • an opportunity to put together your own plan to develop and maintain excellent relationships


“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”


What is Body about?

Most of us only think about personal fitness in our non-work time, but maintaining and improving our personal health and fitness greatly enhances our ability to perform well at work. Body looks at ways of keeping ourselves physically fit and healthy and ensuring we are truly ‘Fit for Purpose’.

What can you expect?

We’ll be looking at a variety of topics which will help you maintain and improve your physical wellbeing, from exercise and nutrition through to relaxation and sleep. You’ll be able to assess the areas in which you can improve your daily life to help keep yourself in tip-top condition, including eating patterns, hydration, exercise, posture, rest and relaxation.

What will you take away from the workshop?

You will learn:

  • a host of hints and tips for keeping stress at bay and increasing your resilience
  • how to sit, stand, walk and even drive with a healthy posture
  • what to eat and what not to eat – the importance of nutrition for physical and mental performance
  • the impact of stress on the body, and top tips for dealing with it effectively
  • why physical activity is important and how to do more of it
  • how to keep yourself motivated to stay ‘Fit for Purpose’

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