Workplace Wellbeing guru Professor Derek Mowbray defines resilience as ‘The capacity to maintain personal control and robust attitudes in the face of challenging events and behaviours’.

Strengthening Personal Resilience is available as either a one-day standalone workshop or as a half-day session alongside our Creating a Resilient Team workshop; alternatively it serves as an introduction to our Fit for Purpose modules. You can find out more about these programmes by clicking on the links.

In this workshop, we look at what we can do to help bolster our own levels of resilience. Participants complete a diagnostic questionnaire which will help them identify and prioritise the support they might need to help achieve this. Where the workshop is used as a stepping-stone to our Fit for Purpose programme, the results of the questionnaire will then indicate which additional training modules might be beneficial; nine are available, each of which focuses on different strategies for building resilience, reducing stress levels and increasing productivity. There’s no requirement to complete any given number of modules – participants have the option of selecting as many or as few as required.

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It’s #FeelGoodFriday. What are you plans for the weekend to support your well-being? It’s some volunteering, gardening and plenty of rest here at ORL, as demonstrated by Megan! Whatever you do, enjoy.