The aim of this session is to raise your awareness of what causes stress and to provide a range of lifestyle and coping strategies to improve your overall wellbeing

What we cover:

  • Understanding what stress is and recognising the signs and symptoms of stress
  • Being able to define the causes of stress for you at work
  • Knowing where to go for support
  • Developing strategies to help cope with stress in and out of work


This is an online interactive session which involves the use of discussion groups and activities to support your understanding.

Duration 90 minutes

Cost £150 per person

(Corporate discounts are available, and Staffordshire businesses may be eligible for funding through the Skills Hub www.staffsskillshub.co.uk)

A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 people is recommended for this session.

Managing Your Stress at Work

To book or discuss further, please contact info@openroadlearning.co.uk