Professor Derek Mowbray defines resilience as ‘The capacity to maintain personal control and robust attitudes in the face of challenging events and behaviours’.

In order to try and avoid some of the difficulties associated with stress at work, we can explore how to strengthen our own personal resilience.  As part of this introduction, participants complete a specially formulated diagnostic questionnaire which will help to identify, clarify and prioritise where support might be needed in building resilience.

What we cover:

  • Defining personal resilience and its impact on wellbeing
  • Recognising how resilience can impact on your ability to perform well at work and home
  • Understanding your own levels of resilience and identifying areas for development
  • Taking action to develop your personal resilience at home and work


This programme can be a one-day standalone activity or is available as a half-day session in conjunction with either the Creating a Resilient Team workshop or an introduction to our Fit for Purpose modules.  You can find out more about these programmes by clicking on the links.


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