We’ve partnered with our specialist colleagues at DowningHR to create a range of programmes that aim to build capabilities in HR teams and line managers responsible for people management.

The programmes will improve management capability and reduce the potential risks and pitfalls associated with managing individuals and teams. This will result in improved levels of confidence and understanding when applying organisational policy and procedures, whilst maintaining high levels of staff performance and morale.

Our programmes are highly interactive and based on sound, practical concepts, best practice and employment law. They will be tailored to fit your organisation’s existing and emerging HR policies and procedures:

Topics include:

  • Recruitment, selection and induction
  • Performance and Capability Management
  • Dealing with conduct issues following a disciplinary process
  • Handling employee complaints and grievances
  • Attendance Management (including sickness and absence management)
  • Avoiding employment tribunals
  • Diversity and Equal Opportunities
  • Successfully using HR policies e.g. Data Protection (GDPR), Bribery and Attrition.

Bespoke training solutions to fit every requirement