We do quite a bit of our work in the UK construction and infrastructure sectors, including more complex alliance and joint venture environments. Where technical and commercial factors were once the only real considerations in successful bid and contract negotiations, more emphasis is now placed on ‘behavioural elements’ – interpersonal skills and ways of working that underline contract relations during the lifetime of a project. Companies are increasingly being asked now to provide evidence of their leadership, partnering and collaborative skills and experience that many complex projects require.

To stand a chance of winning a contract, companies need to bid and then get invited to an assessment process arranged by the client. These can take various forms, ranging from straightforward presentations to full blown assessment centres comprising group exercises and interviews. For those who haven’t experienced these before or maybe feel unprepared, they can be more than a little daunting; stress and anxiety levels – quite normal in the circumstances – can prevent people from performing at their best.

At ORL, we specialise in helping bid teams prepare for the assessment process, ranging from coaching on interviewing and presentations right through to recreating the sort of assessment centre that teams can expect to see during the bidding process. However we support you, we would always ensure bid teams are selling as well as demonstrating the shared values and trust required by the client.

So talk to us now – the sooner we start working together, the better your chances of winning the business!

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